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At this time, many exciting changes are taking place here at Mono Veterinary Clinic as there has been a transition in ownership. Dr Thomas (Goodie) has retired much sooner than expected due to challenges with COVID-19.

We had planned on a more formal announcement and gradual transition but the situation was beyond our control.

Currently we are working on a compressed schedule due to COVID, our hours of operation have been reduced in the short term, we hope to be at full capacity in the near future, with services being offered on Saturday.

Dr. Forbes and associates will be in the clinic settings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday's to examine patients and perform surgeries.

The remaining days we will have staff available for food purchases and medication pick-ups.

We thank you for your patience during these difficult times and we regret any inconvenience the current situation may cause. Thank you for your continued support of Mono Veterinary Clinic.



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