Bloodwork Services for Pets

If your pet needs bloodwork, our veterinary team works to make it as smooth an experience as possible. Our in-house laboratory means we’re able to analyze their bloodwork onsite so you can access the results more quickly. Bloodwork helps to ensure your pet is maintaining good health. It can also determine internal issues that wouldn’t be as easily diagnosed from a physical exam. 

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What types of tests do you run?

Depending on the reason your pet needs bloodwork, we’ll run a few different tests. We don’t only recommend it if we suspect your pet has an underlying health issue. For example, we recommend bloodwork before your pet goes under anesthesia to ensure their body will respond well to the medication. Also, we do it as part of their wellness checks, not only to establish a baseline of their health but to also detect any health issues early on. A common test we run is the Complete Blood Count (CBC). This test determines if your furry friend is anemic or has infections and inflammation in their body. 

Why is a Complete Blood Count test important?

A CBC gives us a lot of information about how your pet’s internal organs and systems are functioning. By determining the amount of platelets, white blood cells and red blood cells they have, we can know if your pet has: 

  • Liver issues (low albumin)
  • Hyperthyroidism (high cholesterol) 
  • Compromised immune system 
  • Kidney disease (high amylase) 
  • Anemia (low iron)

How do I prepare my pet for bloodwork?

Depending on the bloodwork your pet needs, our veterinary team will give you detailed instructions on how to prepare your pet. For example, we could ask you to ensure your pet gently fasts, meaning they don’t eat at least 12 hours before their test. For other tests, all they need to do is show up on time for their appointment. If you have questions about your pet’s upcoming bloodwork, please contact us 519-941-6383.

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